Loan Guide: Let’s Talk About Student Loans

Today we talk about a particular category of loans; in this article we will discuss the loans and, more generally, the funding addressed to university students. The first ‘problem’ that stands out is that, these individuals generally do not have a paycheck.

How to proceed then?

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However, these loans are an important and necessary tool for all those students who either study off-site or who need funding to pay for the onerous university years. They are therefore loans granted to cover all the expenses that are related to studies and to one’s own training path.

They generally offer preferential terms compared to other loans granted by lenders

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In some cases, in addition to the more classic expenditure items (books, university fees, training courses, masters and accommodation) they can also cover ‘changes’ of the training path such as, for example, study trips abroad rather than masters postgraduate. There are several banks and lenders on the market that have taken care to create an offer of direct financing for university and non-university students. Let’s see some examples below:

1) Give him credit : it is a very interesting project that is reserved for all university and post-university students aged between 18 and 35. Special merit requirements and an economic situation that is certainly not privileged are necessary.

2) Capital Cream University Student Loan : the bank has created a credit line specifically addressed to students that allows, on a current account, to have a variable credit depending on the course of study and related expenses. Once the loan is over, which can be extended for another two years once the study is finished, the borrowed sums will be repaid.

3) Loan for LOP University students : the bank of the Paribas group also offers a credit line dedicated to students. As always, it is the meritorious aspect that dominates: the interest rate is reduced for those who graduate with full marks. It goes from 5.65% to 5.15%.

What can we conclude?

Although university students do not have a paycheck, banks have set up credit lines specifically dedicated to them. The common factor is merit .


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