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Today we talk about a particular category of loans; in this article we will discuss the loans and, more generally, the funding addressed to university students. The first ‘problem’ that stands out is that, these individuals generally do not have a paycheck.

How to proceed then?

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However, these loans are an important and necessary tool for all those students who either study off-site or who need funding to pay for the onerous university years. They are therefore loans granted to cover all the expenses that are related to studies and to one’s own training path.

They generally offer preferential terms compared to other loans granted by lenders

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In some cases, in addition to the more classic expenditure items (books, university fees, training courses, masters and accommodation) they can also cover ‘changes’ of the training path such as, for example, study trips abroad rather than masters postgraduate. There are several banks and lenders on the market that have taken care to create an offer of direct financing for university and non-university students. Let’s see some examples below:

1) Give him credit : it is a very interesting project that is reserved for all university and post-university students aged between 18 and 35. Special merit requirements and an economic situation that is certainly not privileged are necessary.

2) Capital Cream University Student Loan : the bank has created a credit line specifically addressed to students that allows, on a current account, to have a variable credit depending on the course of study and related expenses. Once the loan is over, which can be extended for another two years once the study is finished, the borrowed sums will be repaid.

3) Loan for LOP University students : the bank of the Paribas group also offers a credit line dedicated to students. As always, it is the meritorious aspect that dominates: the interest rate is reduced for those who graduate with full marks. It goes from 5.65% to 5.15%.

What can we conclude?

Although university students do not have a paycheck, banks have set up credit lines specifically dedicated to them. The common factor is merit .

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Good Lender Loans: Definition, Types and Products /good-lender-loans-definition-types-and-products/ /good-lender-loans-definition-types-and-products/#respond Mon, 30 Mar 2020 12:14:53 +0000 http://www.quintadeventozelo.com/good-lender-loans-definition-types-and-products/ Continue reading Good Lender Loans: Definition, Types and Products]]>

Islamic loans are a solution for people who want to get funds for personal needs and businesses using profit sharing or capital leases.

This Islamic bank product has become a profitable alternative amid the rapid proliferation of funding offers from various online loan providers that are known to apply high interest rates.

Islamic loans are also an answer for people who often compare the amount of interest and tenor between one online loan with another.

And if we want to get loans with low interest rates, it’s better to apply for loans through banks that clearly provide lower interest rates than other financial institutions.


Difference between Good lenders and Conventional Loans

Difference between Good lenders and Conventional Loans

Islamic loans are often compared to conventional loans. One of the most contrasting is the problem of usury.

Unlike conventional loans, Islamic loans do not apply interest or usury at all because they use the murabaha contract or the yield.

Although the scheme is almost similar to ordinary loans, the murabahah agreement promotes transparency in the sale and purchase of goods that are both known to be related to the amount of capital and profits by both parties.

  Good lenders Loans Conventional Loans
Creditors’ Benefits Yield Flower
Risk Are shared Borrowed by the borrower
Return / Interest Percentage An average of 1-20% per month An average of 1-30% per month
Loan tenure 1-12 months 1-12 months
Admin Fee Free Paid for

There are two types of loan payment schemes in the murabahah contract, namely payment in cash and installments. The value of the higher selling price was known and agreed upon from the beginning of the contract.

This yield is a benefit for people who provide capital or loans. According to the borrower gives profits from his business with the capital provider.

The amount of interest on conventional loans is between 1-3 percent per month on average. While online loan interest varies greatly, starting from 5-30 percent per month. While the yield agreed between the two parties starts from 1-30 percent.

Here, too, we can see that conventional loan rates have been set by creditors so that the debtor only accepts it. While in Islamic loans, debtors and creditors agree on the appropriate fee.


Types and Good lenders Loan Products

Loan Products

Good lenders loans have a variety of products, and so do institutions that provide loans to prospective borrowers. The following are some loan products that we can use for various needs.

1. Online Islamic loans

One loan product that is currently booming is online Good lenders loans. We can get loans online from several fintechs that have obtained licenses from the OJK or the National Good lenders Council of MUI.

An online Islamic loan agreement usually uses the principles of murabahah and ijarah. The concept of murabaha is applied to buying and selling and ijarah transactions for leasing transactions. The profits obtained from buying and selling profits that have been known to both parties as well as profits from renting or renting out goods and services.

But in practice, online Good lenders loans are preferred for halal business or venture capital, such as capital to build property, vehicle financing, and other productive needs.


2. Loans without Islamic collateral

This product is the same as a conventional collateral-free loan product. The ceiling provided by financial institutions can be far greater than online Islamic loans. The difference with conventional non-collateral loans, the debtor must explain the purpose of the loan to ensure it is only used for business or legal purposes.


3. Islamic pawnshop

PT Pegadaian (Persero) has long issued several Islamic loan products. The difference, Pegadaian requires collateral or collateral in the form of jewelry or BPKB vehicles. The debtor will be given a number of funds provided that they pay the lease capital with a maximum tenor of 120 days and can be renewed.


4. Good lenders credit card

The term Good lenders credit card might be a bit dubious. Even though this product was already known by DSN MUI. But the term is replaced with a Good lenders card or Good lenders card. The function and benefits are almost the same as conventional credit cards, but the contract is in accordance with Good lenders principles.

  • An ijarah agreement that establishes a monthly fee.
  • A kafalah agreement that guarantees the debtor of the issuing company.
  • A qaradh contract which provides loans to debtors with an agreement to be returned according to the agreed maturity.


Strengths and Weaknesses of Good lenders Loans

debt Loans

Keep in mind that online Islamic loans almost provide funds for productive purposes. In addition, the funds transfer process was not given in cash, meaning that the funds were directly used for venture capital.

If seen from the benefits, Islamic loans have competitive returns compared to conventional loans. The ceiling and tenor are not much different from conventional loans.

However, on the other hand the process of applying for Islamic loans is not as easy as online loans or other conventional loan products when considering the risk that must be borne not only borne by the borrowers, but also charged to institutions that provide loans as well .

An interesting concept that is now offered by fintech in Good lenders online loan products has turned around. Consumers are encouraged not to become customers but to investors so that investors can provide Islamic loans to other customers who need business capital or other productive needs.

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Express credit from Switzerland distinction can generally be made /express-credit-from-switzerland-distinction-can-generally-be-made/ /express-credit-from-switzerland-distinction-can-generally-be-made/#respond Wed, 18 Mar 2020 10:56:38 +0000 http://www.quintadeventozelo.com/express-credit-from-switzerland-distinction-can-generally-be-made/ Continue reading Express credit from Switzerland distinction can generally be made]]>

German citizens have the option of receiving an express loan from Switzerland if they meet certain requirements. The most important requirement is a regular income. This income should result from employment or an official position. Otherwise, it will be very difficult with a loan from Switzerland and thus also with an urgent loan from Switzerland.

In any case, you should find out in advance exactly which requirements you have to meet and which conditions apply to Swiss lenders. This is the only way to make sure that you receive an express loan from Switzerland that meets your expectations. The uses for such a loan are very diverse. If it is not a car loan that can also be granted from Switzerland, a rush credit is freely available. This means that Swiss lenders are never interested in what you do with the money. You therefore do not have to provide proof of use.

Credit requirements – an urgent loan or a normal loan

Credit requirements - an urgent loan or a normal loan

If you want to get a loan from Switzerland, regardless of whether it is an urgent loan or a normal loan, you have to meet various requirements. These requirements are not identical to the requirements that German lenders place on your customers. The most important distinguishing feature between a German loan and a Swiss loan is that a Swiss loan is always a loan without credit checker. This means that credit checker information is generally not requested. There is no institution in Switzerland comparable to the credit checker. For this reason, German citizens who apply for a loan in Switzerland can also benefit from this fact.

When you apply for a Swiss loan, you have to expect that your income will be checked first. As a rule, only people with a fixed income have a chance to get a loan from Switzerland. This means that the self-employed or freelancers cannot receive a loan from Switzerland – neither an urgent loan nor any other loan.
This applies all the more to people who do only a minor job, who are unemployed or recipients of Hartz IV, or who are still in training or are studying.

Swiss banks are not only required to have a fixed income, but also to have an amount that makes borrowing from Switzerland appear justified. This is usually the case if the income is 80 USD or more per month above the garnishment-free limit. This value applies to singles without maintenance obligations. This value can of course vary for family members with children. Swiss banks provide specific information on this.

When applying for an express loan from Switzerland, you must provide proof that you have been with your current employer for at least one year. If you want to take out a loan amount of 7500 USD, this period can even be extended to four years, unless you have already received a loan without credit checker from Switzerland recently.

Loan terms available for an express loan

Loan terms available for an express loan

Different amounts of credit are available for an express loan from Switzerland. As a rule, Swiss banks lend between USD 3,000 and USD 5,000. In some cases, higher loan amounts are also possible. The loan amount will only be in the five-digit USD range in extremely rare cases. Lending without credit checker is always a certain risk for lenders. This risk increases the higher the loan amount and the longer the term of the loan. You also have to reckon with the fact that you have to pay higher debit interest for an express loan from Switzerland than for a conventional German bank loan.

In the case of individual loans from Switzerland, not only the loan amounts differ, but also the terms, the installments for the repayment and the methods of payment as well as the methods of repayment. You will generally receive an urgent loan from Switzerland in one amount and paid out immediately after approval. The form of payment is contractually agreed with you. A transfer to an account is just as possible as a cash payment. However, you do not have to travel abroad to do this, which would cause unnecessary journeys and costs. Rather, it is possible for you to receive the loan amount at the post office counter. If you so choose, the lender will send you a postal order that you can use to go to a post office counter. Another alternative would be a courier to send the money. This can be done directly at your home address or an alternative address of your choice.

Usable express loan and a car loan

Usable express loan and a car loan

In the case of an express loan from Switzerland, a distinction can generally be made between a freely usable express loan and a car loan. Only in the latter case is there a purpose limitation for a Swiss loan. Otherwise, it is not earmarked and you can use the money the way you want.
The money will then be repaid in monthly installments. Payment does not always have to start immediately after the loan payment. Rather, lenders often give their customers a break from payment. It can last for several weeks or several months. Only then is the first monthly payment due, which must then always be paid on the same date within a month. You should note that the monthly installment is composed on the one hand of a repayment amount and on the other hand of the debit interest for an urgent loan from Switzerland. The borrowing rates are usually somewhat higher than the borrowing rates that are due for a bank loan from Germany.

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Credit without an unlimited employment contract. /credit-without-an-unlimited-employment-contract/ /credit-without-an-unlimited-employment-contract/#respond Fri, 07 Feb 2020 12:22:36 +0000 http://www.quintadeventozelo.com/credit-without-an-unlimited-employment-contract/ Continue reading Credit without an unlimited employment contract.]]>

To get a loan, you need a permanent employment contract. Without a job or regular monthly income from rent or lease, a loan request is rejected. Before the banks agree to a loan approval, however, they are happy to take a look at the employment contract.

This is mainly the case for new customers. A relationship of trust already exists with existing customers, so that the bank advisor only checks the account movements of the last three months in a personal conversation. However, many employees only get a fixed-term contract when they are hired to a new company. However, this complicates the situation when looking for credit, because the banks see it as a great risk. It is not clear what will happen after the term of employment ends.

Loan without permanent employment contract

Loan without permanent employment contract

This is only possible if the loan is applied for at the house bank and the Credit Bureau review does not result in any complaints. At the house bank there is already a relationship of trust between the customer and the advisor. It is therefore not necessary to submit an employment contract. The pure income that goes into the account every month counts. At the same time, this step means that the offers of the Internet banks cannot be used. They offer their loans cheaper than the branch banks, but usually want to see a copy of the employment contract. A loan without a permanent employment contract is almost impossible.

If the loan amount is not high

If the loan amount is not high

If the loan amount is a small amount, a loan can also be obtained without an open-ended employment contract. This must be repaid during the employment relationship. That means either a low loan amount or high monthly installments. The repayment must, however, be secured, which is only possible with appropriate income.

Use of the disposable

Use of the disposable

As an alternative to a loan, the overdraft facility on the checking account can also be used as a loan without a permanent employment contract. The overdraft facility can be used without any consultation. This is a great advantage because it eliminates the annoying questions. But be careful, this loan is very expensive and at some point the current account must be balanced again.

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Property Loan Refinancing: know the advantages /property-loan-refinancing-know-the-advantages/ /property-loan-refinancing-know-the-advantages/#respond Sat, 01 Feb 2020 13:09:56 +0000 http://www.quintadeventozelo.com/property-loan-refinancing-know-the-advantages/ Continue reading Property Loan Refinancing: know the advantages]]>

Home Equity, loan with property in guarantee or, simply, refinancing of property is one of the types of credit that offers greater volume of money for a lower interest rate.

Anyone who owns a residential or commercial property can use it as collateral when contracting credit. This reduces the risk of default assumed by the credit institutions. On the other hand, the conditions offered are more advantageous than other lines in the market.

Property refinancing works as an excellent alternative to reorganize personal finances, invest in your own business or fulfill dreams that are on paper. Learn more about this modality and what it can do for you!

How does property loan refinancing work?

How does property loan refinancing work?

Refinancing is a way of obtaining a loan by offering collateral. As it is a credit linked to equity, interest rates are better and the amount available is higher. Thus, both creditors and debtors obtain more benefits in this modality.

The first rule, in the case of property refinancing, is that the credit applicant is the owner of the property, which can be residential or commercial. It is common that in view of this rule and the characteristics of this type of loan, the question arises: will the property be in my name or that of the financial institution?

Do not worry. The property is yours, even when it is placed in guarantee. But the fact that he is alienated from the creditor institution must be well understood by the borrower.

In short, the owner links the property to the payment of the debt. Another name used to define this practice is fiduciary alienation. The borrower remains the holder of the asset, that is, the possession and use of the property remains in his name.

The risk of losing the property only occurs when the debtor fails to honor the payment of the credit. Therefore, it is essential that the obtaining of the loan is carefully evaluated and planned.

Check how your budget is, what your debt capacity is (ideally, do not commit more than 30% of your debt income) and do simulations to calculate calmly and in advance how much you will pay and for how long.

Fiduciary disposal allows the financial institution to offer higher value credit at a lower interest rate. To grant the loan, first, the documentation of the owner and the property are checked. The patrimony must be free of debts and encumbrances. Likewise, the applicant cannot have credit restrictions.

Property refinancing has a slightly higher process than vehicle refinancing, for example. This is because the procedures take longer. In addition to analyzing the documentation, the finance company will also inspect the property. Only then will the formalization of the operation be documented. For this reason, the granting of credit takes a little longer, and may take between 15 to 60 business days for the request.

There are solution options that make it possible to refinance your property in just four steps:

  1. online registration of the request;
  2. analysis and collection of documentation;
  3. inspection of the property;
  4. signing the contract and receiving the resource.

Advantages of property refinancing?

Advantages of property refinancing?

Due to the specific characteristics, we can list five main advantages of this type of secured loan:

  • higher volume of credit granted;
  • lower interest rate;
  • extended payment term;
  • negative goodwill in advance of installments;
  • free use of credit.
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Bank offers credit for funeral expenses. /bank-offers-credit-for-funeral-expenses/ /bank-offers-credit-for-funeral-expenses/#respond Mon, 27 Jan 2020 13:14:54 +0000 http://www.quintadeventozelo.com/bank-offers-credit-for-funeral-expenses/ Continue reading Bank offers credit for funeral expenses.]]>


The loss of a loved one is hard on relatives and friends, but in addition to mourning, there are also considerable funeral costs. But it doesn’t stop there, even a gravestone has to be paid for and costs a lot of money. Statutory health insurance companies no longer provide subsidies.

If the deceased is not already covered by death insurance during his lifetime, the relatives remain at the expense of the funeral. Weak families then have to borrow funeral expenses.

High costs can arise

High costs can arise

Anyone who has ever financed a funeral knows what the costs can be. Several thousand USD quickly come together. This can quickly go beyond a financial framework and a loan must be taken out for the funeral expenses. One option is the undertaker.

Here, too, one knows about the financial worries of the bereaved, and that is why many funeral homes work with banks that provide a loan for the funeral expenses. Nevertheless, the surviving dependents should also check the offers of the independent banks, as this can save money.

Prevention is better

Prevention is better

In order not to impose this not inconsiderable financial burden on the bereaved, everyone should take out a death benefit insurance if there is no life insurance. Such insurance costs just a few USD a month and covers the costs of a funeral.

The amount of the insurance sum can be chosen freely. The higher this is, the higher the monthly contribution. Death benefit insurance not only offers insurance companies, but also funeral homes.

In individual cases, the social welfare office also steps in for the costs. In this case, however, only the minimum equipment will be paid. It is to be discussed with the responsible clerk whether this money has to be paid back. In order to protect relatives from such difficulties, everyone should really make provisions during their lifetime. This saves borrowing for this purpose. After all, people should mourn the loss of their loved one and not the funeral costs.

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